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How to Create a Free Newsletter from Start to Finish

What is a newsletter? An email newsletter is a marketing email that is regularly sent (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to a list of subscribers who have signed up. The content is usually designed to highlight news about a business’s latest offerings […]

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Comparing 4 of the Best Email Marketing Services in 2020

Looking for the best email marketing service that fits all your needs for the best price? In this comparison, we’ll take a look at the features and pricing of four of the top email marketing service providers to help you […]

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Email Sender Reputation Guide: How to Check Your Sender Score & Avoid Bad Sending Behavior

What is email sender reputation? Sender reputation refers to the reputation of your email sending IP address that signals to email inbox providers whether or not you’re a spammer. It’s based on factors such as the content quality, quality of […]

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What Is Double Opt-In? Why You Need It & How to Set It Up.

Using a double opt-in subscription system can improve your email deliverability and the quality of your contact list for better overall email marketing. In email marketing, there exists an eternal debate to decide which is better: single and double opt-in. […]

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5 Effective Email List Cleaning Tactics For Better Engagement

What is email list cleaning? Email list cleaning is the process of regularly updating your email contact list by purging outdated contacts and being responsive to recipient preferences. The result is a clean email list that yields more effective interactions […]

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How to Make Your Easter Newsletter a Success

Easter is fast-approaching on Sunday, 12 April 2020. Have you created an email marketing campaign to make this holiday “eggstra” special? Read our top tips for creating an awesome Easter (or simply spring-themed) newsletter. Create my free Easter newsletter with […]

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5 Valentine’s Day Email Tips to Heat up Your Customer Relationships

You can’t plan for love…but you CAN plan your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns. Valentine’s day has changed a lot over the last couple of years. While it’s always been (and still remains) a time of romantic gift-giving for couples, […]

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Free Email Marketing Services: 12 Free Tools for Marketers on a Budget

Looking for ways to do free email marketing? We’ve curated a list of completely free tools and resources that’ll cover all your essential email marketing needs. If you’re a small business or blogger wanting to launch your first newsletter on […]

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Marketing Advice and Content Ideas for February

Love is in the air this month – make sure you share some of it with your customers! Check out these content marketing ideas for February. February is the shortest month of the year, but there’s still plenty to talk about […]

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How to Embed Video in Email

Not all email clients support directly playable videos. This makes embedding a video in email HTML a little bit risky. However there are some ways to get around this. Read on to find out how.  Video is an efficient and […]

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