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Author: Catalin Zorzini

How to Boost Sales Using Lead Magnets and Remarketing

Learn how to boost sales on your website by leveraging the power of lead magnets with remarketing. Boosting sales can be a daunting topic to cover. There are numerous techniques that you can use, but which ones do you think […]

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Pre-Launch Checklist: How to Start an Online Photography Business

Checklist: How to start an online photography business Plan out Your Website Design Check for Speed (Especially on Mobile) Create an Intuitive Navigation Get Your Analytics in Order Audit Your Content Optimize Your Website Security Make Sure Photos Are Optimized […]

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How to Dramatically Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rates with Drip Emails

Have you ever found yourself browsing through a catalog of products on an eCommerce website? Of course! We all have. Just when you think you’ve finally found what you were looking for, another “recommended product” pops up at the bottom […]

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