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Author: Jeff Cox

[Download] 25 Expert Email Marketing Tips for Breakout Success in 2018

Looking for fresh email marketing tips? You’ve come to the right place! Sendinblue is proud to present our first eBook: “25 Expert Tips for Breakout Email Marketing Success.” Inside, you’ll find all of the advice you need to get a […]

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5 Effective Tactics for Cleaning Email Lists

What is email list cleaning? Email list cleaning is the process of regularly updating your email contact list by purging outdated contacts and being responsive to recipient preferences. The result is a clean email list that yields more effective interactions […]

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Emojis in Email: Make Sure You Do It Right

According to recent numbers, 92% of the connected world uses emojis in email, text messages, and other digital communications. In the past couple of years, emojis have evolved from simple happy and sad faces to include just about every emotion, […]

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Free Email Marketing services: Start Sending Today!

When first starting to send out your first newsletter, it can be difficult to find cheap email marketing tools that fit your small (or maybe not-yet-existing) budget. So it’s normal to look for solutions the help you better communicate with […]

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Sendinblue’s Marketing Newsletter

Sendinblue is starting a monthly marketing newsletter! Sign up to receive our best tips, advice, and marketing guides, as well as exclusive content, on the first Tuesday of each month! It’s not too late to late to add “become a […]

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Chatbots and Email Marketing: The Winning Combination?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve probably had a conversation with a chatbot — though you may not know it. Many companies have started implementing chatbots on platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and […]

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Marketing Automation for Small Business: 7 Workflows to Save You Time and Money

Using marketing automation for small business has become much more affordable in the past few years. This software can help small business owners increase productivity and the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns with very little work upfront. We all live […]

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5 Proven Ways Holiday Email Can Grow Your Ecommerce Sales

For ecommerce retailers, there’s great news on the horizon! According to the National Retail Federation, holiday ecommerce sales for 2017 are expected to increase 3.6-4% over last year. When you couple that exciting prediction with the fact that holiday ecommerce […]

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5 Simple Event Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Increase Brand Engagement

So, you’ve invested time and energy (not to mention a fair amount of money) into planning an event or sponsorship that is certain to launch your brand into the stratosphere. But, how do you ensure that you reach the right […]

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