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5 Ways to Make the Most of Email Marketing for Financial Services

As a financial services provider, you need a strategic way to reach your audience, preferably without spending a ton of money on ads. Enter email marketing, a way to communicate with potential and current clients while cultivating trust, adding value, […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Email Marketing

In this article we’ll be discussing the benefits of real estate email marketing, how it will impact your business, and how you should go about launching an effective real estate email campaign. Real estate email marketing may seem like an […]

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The 9 Best Welcome Email Examples to Engage New Users

A ‘Thank you for signing up’ email gets your subscriber relationship off to a strong start. But welcome email templates are tough to create from scratch. To get you inspired we’ve pulled together some of the best welcome email examples […]

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6 Ways to Build a Highly Engaged Real Estate Email List

Is your real estate email list working as hard as you are? Are your realtor emails getting you the results you need? If not then it’s time to up your real estate email marketing game. As a real estate agent, […]

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Email Sender Reputation Guide: How to Check Your Sender Score & Avoid Bad Sending Behavior

What is email sender reputation? Sender reputation refers to the reputation of your email sending IP address that signals to email inbox providers whether or not you’re a spammer. It’s based on factors such as the content quality, quality of […]

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How to Make Your Easter Newsletter a Success

Easter is fast-approaching on Sunday, 12 April 2020. Have you created an email marketing campaign to make this holiday “eggstra” special? Read our top tips for creating an awesome Easter (or simply spring-themed) newsletter. Create my free Easter newsletter with […]

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How to Embed Video in Email

Not all email clients support directly playable videos. This makes embedding a video in email HTML a little bit risky. However there are some ways to get around this. Read on to find out how.  Video is an efficient and […]

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Why You Should Never Buy an Email List

It might seem like a tempting shortcut to buy an email list..but growing your database in this way is actually a terrible idea. Let’s discuss why this practice should be avoided at all costs. A solid email list is the […]

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How to Create an Effective Email Signup Form in 5 Easy Steps

The email signup form: no email marketing strategy is complete without one. If you want to grow your email list (and who doesn’t?!), you need a compelling form in all the right places. Want to make the most of this […]

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3 Steps to Create an Outstanding Valentine’s Day Newsletter (With Examples!)

Looking for tips on campaign planning, content, subject lines and sample emails? This post has everything you need to create a Valentine’s Day newsletter or email campaign that’s tailored to your target audience. Love it or hate it – Valentine’s […]

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