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Free Email Marketing services: Start Sending Today!

When first starting to send out your first newsletter, it can be difficult to find cheap email marketing tools that fit your small (or maybe not-yet-existing) budget.

So it’s normal to look for solutions the help you better communicate with your customers without having to take out your wallet — even if you plan to find a more advanced solution at a later time.

At Sendinblue, we chose to offer our product free to users who send less than 9,000 emails per month (300 per day) in order to help out all the beginners and new businesses who are just getting their marketing off the ground.

To give you even more help, we have put together a list of free email marketing services and resources to help you optimize your email marketing campaigns.

  • Template galleries
  • Tools to measure spam score and deliverability
  • Design and coding resources

At the end of the article, we compared the advantages of paid plans for specific use cases and needs.

Sendinblue: Comprehensive free email marketing tool

Sendinblue allows you to send up to 9,000 emails per month (300 per day) for free.

free email marketing tool sendinblue

At Sendinblue, it’s our goal to support entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs, bloggers, and anyone else hoping to send awesome marketing emails without breaking the bank.

That’s why we made all of the core features of our platform available to free users:

  • Drag and drop responsive email design tool
  • Email template library
  • Unlimited contacts and advanced segmentation
  • Email opt-in forms that can be integrated into your site
  • Email automation
  • Email campaign analytics

That’s why Sendinblue is the ideal free email marketing tool when you’re just getting started with your email strategy.

If your list starts to grow more quickly than you thought and you need to send more emails, you can easily switch to one of our other offerings: plans start at $25 for 40,000 monthly emails.

Please Note: Sendinblue only accepts contact lists that are 100% opt-in.

Free Email Template Galeries

In addition to the numerous templates available in the Sendinblue email design tool, there are many other email marketing communities across the internet that provide more free email templates.

Just to name a few:

Email on Acid

free email template from email on acid

Email on Acid it’s a free email marketing service that offers a unique responsive email template that you can modify on your own and integrate your own design tastes. It provides an excellent base for you to construct any type of email that you need by reorganizing, adding, or removing various columns and elements as needed.

Download the template >>

Litmus Templates

litmus free email templates

Litmus is a site that offers several email marketing resources (some paid), including:

  • Email editor
  • Spam tester
  • Statistics tools
  • Etc.

But most importantly (at least for this section), they also offer a fantastic collection of free email marketing responsive templates.

Access the gallery >>

If you’re interested in more, you can find more in our list of free email template providers.

Email Testing and Deliverability Tools

There are several free tools available that can help you improve your deliverability and check the reputation of your IP, domain, and sending address across different email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.).

Here are a few of our favorites:

Mail Tester

mail-tester free email tool

This tool lets you test the spam score of your email before you send them. It does this by bassing your message through 25 anti-spam filters, checking to see if the content of your email or your sender score puts you at risk of being marked as spam.

It also checks a number of other aspects that affect deliverability, such as errors in your HTML code, the presence of spam words, etc.

Needless to say, this tool is awesome!

Check out Mail-Tester >>

Sender Score

email sender score

Sender score is a metric created by Return Path that calculates the reputation of your IP among different email clients. This tool is very useful for finding out whether or not your IP is referenced on one of the blacklists used by anti-spam filters.

Find out your Sender Score >>

Design and Coding Tools

Although the drag and drop email design tool in Sendinblue already allows you to create responsive HTML emails without having to code, we added a few tools to this list for those people who prefer to work “under the hood,” using HTML code to create their marketing emails.


weresizer image tool

Images that are too large can sometimes have a negative effect on your deliverability. Webresizer solves this problem by compressing images to reduce the file size of your images without losing any quality.

Before uploading your email images to the email editor, it’s always a good idea to have them compressed using this tool to ensure that they are optimized for deliverability and speed.

Try Webresizer >>

Litmus Scope

litmus scope free email tool

Litmus Scope is a seriously magical tool!

It allows you to take any email from your inbox in order to share, see how it looks on different devices, and even access and edit the source code!

Remember all those times you saw a competitor’s email and wanted to copy one of their ideas? Scope lets you do just that!

Get Scope >>

When should you move from free email marketing to a paid email marketing plan?

If you are still just getting started with your email marketing, it’s probably best to start your sending your first campaigns using the free tools discussed in this article.

However, it will eventually become necessary to invest in a more comprehensive paid offering of email marketing services once you reach a certain volume. This is the best way to ensure that you maintain good deliverability and keep your email marketing strategy worry-free.

Many email marketing software providers price their offerings progressively according to the volume of contacts in your list, in addition to the volume that you send each month.

Sendinblue is different in that we only charge based on volume, so you only need to upgrade once your sending has reached a high enough volume — we don’t punish you for growing your list.

As mentioned earlier in this post, Sendinblue is free for up to 9,000 emails per month. After that, you are able to select one of our paid offerings that include more features and larger sending volume limits:

Free Lite Essential Premium
 $0 per month  $25 per month  $39 per month $66 per month
    •  9,000 emails per month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 40,000 emails per month
  • No daily sending limit
  •  60,000 emails per month
  • Remove Sendinblue logo
  • Advanced Statistics
    •  120,000 emails per month
  • Marketing Automation illimité

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