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Inspiration and tips for email design and content.

User-Generated Content in Email Marketing: 6 Methods that Work

User-generated content has been a popular method of engagement on social media. But it can be a great way to boost email open and click rates. We explain how in this article. Content creation has evolved over the years to […]

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‘View this email in your browser’ – What is this Feature and How to Include it in Email HTML

When creating a new email campaign, marketers usually pay lots of attention to the most impactful components of the email, like subject lines, hero copy, and CTAs. Of course, optimizing these aspects is essential to boost open and engagement rates. […]

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5 Email Design Best Practices for 2020

To help you plan for 2020 email marketing success, we’ve put together a list of our favourite email design best practices to increase opens, drive more conversions, and secure more customers for your business. Research shows that in 2019, roughly […]

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5 Simple Answers to Email Preview Text FAQs

Here we’ll answer five frequently asked questions about the preview text. And in doing so, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to hit the ball out of the park with the preview text of your next email campaign. […]

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How A/B Testing Your Email Subject Line Can Boost Your Open Rates

Looking for an email subject line tester? Email subject line A/B testing is a feature in Sendinblue that can help you drastically improve your email open rates and learn more about what works with your email audience to optimize future […]

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What’s the Best Font for Email? The Sender’s Typography Guide

Choosing the best font for your marketing emails requires careful consideration. You may not have realized it, but font style matters just as much as your message. Here you’ll find all the information and tips to help you select the […]

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3 Effortless Email Copywriting Techniques That Will Power-Up Your Conversions

No matter your industry or business size, email is still a proven way to engage with customers, communicate with prospects, and increase sales, however using the right content in your emails is extremely important in getting your message across and […]

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Email Subject Lines: 8 Tips to Captivate Your Audience in the Inbox

Email subject lines are the most decisive factor in determining whether or not a recipient will open your email. Here are 8 tips to help you stand out from the crowd and boost your email open rates! People are constantly […]

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4 Crucial Tips for Writing Polished Email Marketing Copy

Marketing experts have come up with hundreds of different ways to reach out to customers, allowing you to grow your audience and promote your business. And you don’t have to be a marketing expert in order to understand the basic […]

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How Using a GIF in Email Marketing Campaigns Can Boost Engagement

It’s becoming more and more common for marketers to use animated GIFs in their email marketing campaigns and newsletters to create more engaging content. Marketers are always looking for new ways to create a connection with their customers and target […]

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