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5 Must-Read Articles to Focus your Marketing Strategy for 2017

It’s April, which means Spring is finally here. People are emerging from their Winter hibernation and actually leaving their homes! Okay — maybe Winter isn’t that bad, but it’s nice to see some more daylight at least. Spring is also […]

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8 Must-Send B2B Email Templates for 2017

At Sendinblue, we love hearing from our users! After we released these new email design templates, many of you requested templates designed specifically for the needs of B2B companies. We heard you. 🙂 Sendinblue delivers over 30 million messages per day, so we’ve […]

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The Ultimate Email Marketer’s Guide to SMS Marketing

Learn how you can enhance the reach and power of your email marketing campaigns with the help of SMS Marketing. It should come as no surprise that email is still one of the best communication and marketing tools at your […]

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7 Simple Tips to Make Sure Your Email Contact List Stays Clean

After building your email contact list, the work doesn’t stop there. To maintain good engagement rates and deliverability, you have to make sure you have a clean email list at all times.  Do you have a clean email list? The […]

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3 Types of Businesses that Can’t Afford to Buy Email Lists (and Steps to Take for Organic List Growth Instead)

If you’re in marketing, you’ve probably found yourself wishing for a magic solution to quickly and easily grow your email list at some point in your career. This makes sense because email marketing is proven to be one of the […]

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3 Keys to Optimizing Your Subject Line

Attention! See? It’s important to capture your reader’s attention right away. And a good email subject line will help you do just that. Marketers sometimes invest all of their energy in designing a beautiful email campaign and neglect their subject […]

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Using Data to Define the “Who, What, When” of your Email Marketing

Imagine if you could read your customers’ minds to give them a tailored experience that offers everything they want from your business. If you’ve been operating for any length of time, you likely know your customers’ likes and dislikes, and […]

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4 Ways to Increase Holiday Email Engagement

It’s no secret that the holiday shopping season is huge for ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers. For many retailers, 20-30% of their annual sales are generated during  the holiday season (according to the National Retail Federation). Thanks to email marketing’s effectiveness […]

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Increase email signups with InTrigger for WordPress

There are many tools to help you collect email opt-ins on your WordPress website, including our official Sendinblue plugin. While it’s perfect for users who wish add signup forms to sidebars, within posts, or directly in a WordPress template, we […]

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Email News: Gmail DMARC Policy Changes

If you’re a small business or entrepreneur using an address for email marketing, please keep reading! We’ll break down the big changes from Gmail that will impact your business starting in June 2016. What is Gmail changing? When many […]

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