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Marketing Advice and Content Ideas for February

Love is in the air this month — make sure you share some of it with your customers!

February is the shortest month of the year, but there’s still plenty to talk about in your marketing messages to customers. To help you plan things out, here are:

  • The most important events happening this month around which you can plan special offers and promotions
  • Some tips on further developing your marketing strategy

Important dates and events for February:

Super Bowl: February 4

This is a great chance to hop on the wave of excitement surrounding the big game! But, unless your business is headquartered in a city whose team is in the game, I would avoid being including anything directly supporting one team or another in your marketing messages. Instead, do something more fun like sending out your favorite tailgate snack recipe, or promote some products that customers can use when they’re watching the game.

Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang: February 8 – 16

For the Olympics, get in on the action by offering a special discount based on the number of medals your country has earned.

Mardi Gras: February 13

Time to bust out those beads — Mardi Gras is taking place on the 13th of this month. Get your customers in the spirit by sharing your favorite New Orleans jazz song on social media, or better yet, offer a discount to anyone who tweets you a picture of themselves with their Mardi Gras mask.

Chinese New Year: February 16

Chinese New Year falls on the 16th this month, and this year is the year of the Dog. Have some fun with it by including dog-related content or promotions in your messages. Or, if you have dogs in the office, share pictures of them with your customers on social media. After all, who doesn’t love man’s best friend?

Marketing advice for February

Refine your opt-in strategy

In February, improve your subscription forms to gather more contacts.

Get ready for Valentine’s Day

Prove to your customers that you’re the ultimate catch this Valentine’s Day. Here are 5 Valentine’s Day email marketing tips to keep the flame of your customer relationships burning red hot.

Keep working to clear out your winter inventory

Running out of inventory? Create flash sales to encourage customers to buy fast! You can even broadcast these sales to your email subscribers.

February flies by, make sure to stay on top of your marketing

Come back next month for more marketing and content ideas for the month of March!

Can’t wait that long? You can get all the tips and important dates in our ecommerce marketing calendar.


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Marketing Advice and Content Ideas for February

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