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How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email

Welcome emails are one of the most important transactional emails you can send! Taking the time to create the perfect welcome email for your new customers or subscribers can pay dividends down the road.

In fact, an Experian report revealed that welcome emails have an open rate that’s almost four times higher than the average email, which makes them a golden opportunity to communicate with subscribers.

According to consumer research, the bar is set high when it comes to welcome email expectations. Subscribers expect speedy delivery and content that wows them inside. Unfortunately, many companies fall short with lame welcome emails that simply inform subscribers that their sign-up was received successfully.

Don’t get caught in the boring email trap by sending a weak welcome email. Instead, communicate valuable information and increase engagement by sending the perfect welcome email using these 6 helpful tips:

Say Thank You

When people subscribe, they’re not just inviting your emails into their inboxes, they’re inviting your company into their lives.

Show contacts that you value their time by being humble and genuinely saying thank you. Gratitude gives people those warm fuzzy feelings, which is a wonderful way to kick off your first interaction.

If your welcome email doesn’t contain anything else, at least make sure it says thank you (though you should probably include a little more 😉 )!

Make an Introduction

Introduce your brand by communicating your values and mission from your very first email.

Let subscribers know that they made a good decision by signing up for your emails. You can do this by communicating what your brand stands for and why your mission is important to your customers and subscribers. This lets your brand’s personality shine and gives your contacts more context on who you are.

If you choose to implement a strategy where you send emails from a specific person rather than the company overall (like Taco from Trello), introduce that person or character in your welcome email as well to add that personal touch.

trello welcome email

This is a great place to use images or an embedded video to tell your story. Highlight your founder, employees, customers, or offerings to give subscribers a compelling vision of who your company is on a personal level and how you can add value to your customers’ lives.

Set Expectations

Tell subscribers how often they can expect to receive emails from you and what kind of content those emails will include. Tie this information in with whatever you promised at signup to provide a seamless experience that nails customer expectations.

Once you’ve established these expectations, be sure to respect them! Don’t overwhelm subscribers or push content that they didn’t sign up for in the first place. If you deal with European customers, this might even be against the law!

If you decide to change the focus of your emails down the road, ask subscribers to re-opt-in again to ensure that you’re only emailing people that want to receive your emails and in the manner to which they consented.

Generate Click-Throughs

Invite subscribers to explore other areas of your business.

Encourage clicks on links that lead to your homepage or social media profiles so they can learn more about your brand and engage in new ways. The more you can interact with subscribers in different ways, the more likely they are to become loyal customers and brand advocates later on.

social buttons in email marketing

Encourage Customization

Invite subscribers to complete profiles and set their email preferences so you can communicate with them more effectively.

If you offer different types of emails or newsletters, allow subscribers to indicate which they’d be interested in receiving.

Spotify email marketing personalization settings

If you want to get really fancy, you can also let them choose the frequency they’d prefer (daily, weekly, monthly highlights only, etc). Use this information to segment your email list into smaller more focused lists.

You can also ask demographic questions and use the information you receive to tailor email communications even further.

Incentivize Purchases

Nothing makes people happier than receiving a gift, which is why so many companies offer coupons and other promotions in their welcome emails. Show off your generosity in your welcome email so new contacts will immediately love your brand.

Most subscribers expect to get a promotional offer at the time of signup. In fact, that’s the number one reason people hand over their email addresses in the first place. Fulfill their expectations by making a strong first offer and continue to follow up with more promotions periodically to keep them coming back for more.

forever 21 welcome email gift

Incentivizing new subscribers to make a purchase right away is a great way to demonstrate what your company can offer. Encouraging an early purchase gives your company an immediate opportunity to highlight its products and customer service at a time when customer intent and engagement is at its highest.

Include an Unsubscribe Link

It probably seems strange to talk about unsubscribing when discussing welcome emails, but the truth is that some people sign up for emails accidentally or have regret after signing up.

If a subscriber receives your welcome email and decides your company isn’t the right fit for them or that they’re not as passionate about what you have to offer as they thought, they may want out. Not providing subscribers with a way to exit gracefully only encourages them to block your emails or mark them as spam, which can hurt your sender reputation.

Making the unsubscribe process easier may reduce your email list size, but it increases the likelihood that the people getting your emails actually want to receive them, which is better in the long run.

Plus, most countries have laws that require you to provide an unsubscribe option anyway, so you might as well be transparent about it up front.

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How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email

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