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Marketing Automation Pricing Comparison Guide

Finding the right marketing automation platform isn’t easy. Most marketing automation platforms advertise themselves as generalist solutions that are easy to use regardless of your background.

But, you and I both know that’s not always the case.

There are dozens of solutions available, but getting all the information you need from providers can be like pulling teeth. Descriptions of product functionality are hidden in gated content or behind a layer of buzzwords that make a fair comparison nearly impossible.

Marketing automation pricing is also a challenge. Many companies require individual quotes for certain account levels, and similar or identical solutions can vary greatly in price depending on the provider.

Wading through all of these murky details to find the right answer is time-consuming and frustrating. Thankfully, we are here to help!

We compiled a comparison focusing on price for the top 40 marketing automation platforms to give you a better idea of which platform is best for you. Let’s dive in!

Marketing Automation Pricing Comparison: Top 40+ Platforms


The comparison study is available for free on SlideShare.

Source Data for Marketing Automation Pricing Comparison

Our comparison study was done using the 40 most popular marketing automation software platforms according to marketing automation market share data from Datanyze. We collected data on each of these companies and recorded them in the spreadsheet below.
Click to see raw data

A Few Lessons on Marketing Automation Pricing

Average Price of Marketing Automation

The main goal of our study was to compare prices and evaluate the average price of a marketing automation solution. Unfortunately, we found that the average price is not very helpful. This is because there is a wide range of prices that vary greatly from one solution to another.

To give you some better perspective, here are some relative pricing statistics based on accounts with 10,000 contacts:

  • Monthly Price Range : 0 – $5,000
  • Monthly Price Average : $721
  • Setup Fee Range : 0 – $10,000
  • Setup Fee Average : $1,500

average price of marketing automation

Pricing Model for Marketing Automation Platforms

There are many factors that help determine the price of a marketing automation solution. Before we look at these factors though, it is important to ask:

How transparent are marketing automation providers about their pricing?

It turns out the answer is nuanced. Although more and more marketing automation providers are communicating their prices clearly, there is still a large portion of companies that keep this information close to the vest.

  • 80% of companies in the study clearly provided a starting price
  • 35% of companies in the study required an individual quote for solutions including 10,000+ contacts

Please Note: These numbers add up to more than 100% because 15% of companies who provided a starting price still required a quote for solutions with more than 10,000 contacts.

Now that we have discussed what we don’t know about pricing, let’s talk more about the factors that actually impact how much your marketing automation will cost.

On average the most important factor in determining price among marketing automation providers is the number of contacts you have. 60% of companies in the study used this factor as the primary variable in their pricing model.

Another important factor that impacts price is the amount of included features. Many platforms tier their pricing as they add features like lead scoring or abandoned cart workflows for e-commerce sites. Some providers, like ActiveCampaign build pricing schedules that change the price along these two variables.

Some marketing automation companies also used other factors, such as email sending volume, to determine their price.

Pricing for marketing automation software depends largely on the number of contacts.
Marketing Automation pricing factors

Prices also depend on Positioning: SMBs vs. Large Enterprise & B2B vs. B2C

As I mentioned earlier, marketing automation software pricing varies a lot. One of the main reasons for the wide range of options and prices is that the market for these types of solutions has opened up.

Originally, marketing automation was reserved for large enterprises with massive marketing budgets looking for new ways to engage customers. These types of solutions usually start at $3,000 per month from providers like Marketo, Adobe Marketing Cloud, or Oracle Cloud. Although this price was a drop in the bucket for companies making over 10 million in revenue, it is virtually unaffordable for small and medium sized businesses.

However, the market for automation software has transformed over the last couple of years. Marketing automation solutions targeted at small and medium-sized businesses have increased drastically. These platforms have much more affordable pricing options. When looking at just these options, we found the average monthly price was $300.

Beyond that, there are tools that are even more accessible for SMBs like Sendinblue Marketing Automation, which starts at just under $40 per month.

More than 50% of providers in the study had a starting price of less than $500.

Marketing automation pricing for SMBs

The B2B or B2C positioning of marketing automation providers also has a large impact on pricing.

Marketing automation started out mostly as a solution for B2B businesses. This is because lifetime customer value is much higher for B2B customers than B2C customers. Therefore, there is greater ROI for marketing automation in B2B cases. But, there are companies, such as Selligent, Actito, and Eloqua, that target large B2C enterprises. These providers are able to handle large volumes of contacts for B2C enterprises, but they have very little communication about pricing.

On average, B2B solutions are more expensive than B2C for the same number of contacts. However, it is hard to compare these prices, as B2B companies typically have much fewer contacts than large B2C companies.

  • Average Monthly Price for “Generalist” Solutions : $660
  • Average Monthly Price for B2B Solutions : $950
  • Average Monthly Price for B2C Solutions : ~$1,500 (complicated, most pricing done by individual quotes)

Please Note: These are starting prices, not taking into account number of contacts
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Marketing Automation Pricing Comparison Guide

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