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[Infographic] Hitting the Email Sweet Spot with Millennial Consumers

Marketing to millennials is a challenge that many brands are facing nowadays. That’s why we launched a study to learn more about this key group of consumers.

At Sendinblue, we recently conducted a survey of 750 US millennials to crack the complex code of what the highly sought-after, yet scarcely understood, age group likes, and dislikes, in marketing communications from retailers with the goal of making your job a little easier in 2018!

As you might suspect, the answers confirmed there’s a fine line to walk between giving millennials exactly what they want and going overboard to the point of losing their trust entirely. The good news? There is a sweet spot and now we know how to hit it.

To make your work even simpler for 2018, we’ve compiled the most revealing stats into a digestible infographic that we’re happy to share. Upon viewing, you’ll find the answer to critical marketing questions, including:

  •   What’s the best channel for retailers to engage millennial consumers?
  •   How often are millennials accessing their email today?
  •   What causes brands to lose customer loyalty?
  •   What type of email content makes the millennial consumer take action?
  •   Do millennials use email in brick and mortar retail locations and if so, how?

Read on to learn more!

Millennial Consumer Preferences for Email Marketing Infographic


Millennials may be picky, but they know what they want and how they want it. If you deliver, you’ll be sure to win over your millennial customers. The best part? Millennials have been shown to be the most brand loyal generation out there – meaning your hard work appealing to their needs and preferences will definitely pay off!

Now it’s time for you to seal the deal and put these insights to the test in your email marketing campaigns. You’ll be glad you did.

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[Infographic] Hitting the Email Sweet Spot with Millennial Consumers

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