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Sendinblue Automation: Public Beta Version Now Available

We are excited to announce that the public beta version of Sendinblue Automation is now available and freely accessible from your Sendinblue account!

After successfully releasing the private beta of Sendinblue Automation to several hundred active users, we are pleased to share our latest marketing tool with all Sendinblue users. 

Ready to activate Sendinblue Automation? 

Simply login to your account and visit this page. Automation features are available free of charge during the lifetime of the beta version.

What does Sendinblue Automation do?

Automation empowers you to communicate more effectively and reach your audience at just the right moment. Getting started is easy! Use your new tool kit to build¬†scenarios that¬†send targeted email and SMS messages based on your contacts’ behavior, such as website page visits, email opens, and much more.

From Mass Marketing to Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is booming! In fact, 50% more marketers began using automation tools in 2015 and making the shift away from traditional mass-marketing.

Mass-marketing focuses on a specific offer, while the modern automation approach allows marketers to focus on individual customer needs. Specifically, following a traditional approach involves sending the same offer to a large group of customers, while marketing automation supports each step of the customer journey with targeted interactions.

Marketing Automation’s primary purpose is to support a marketing strategy that is centered around the customer journey. This is¬†enabled by advanced behavior tracking to create custom experiences through email, SMS and more.


Marketing Automation offers two very important and distinct benefits: by automating customer-triggered communications, marketing managers can save time while improving customer engagement! (Automated email messages average 71% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than other marketing messages according to this study by Epsilon.)

Sendinblue Automation allows you to easily implement smart strategies thanks to its user-friendly interface and library of pre-made scenario templates.

Build your Marketing Automation scenario with our templates

Sendinblue Automation offers scenario templates that are perfect for any company, so you can quickly and effectively set up a series of customer-triggered actions. These pre-made scenarios are extremely flexible, for example: send a series of emails after a subscription or purchase, send a reminder after X days of inactivity, etc.


Sendinblue Automation scenario templates include predefined actions, enabling you to build a customized journey for your contacts in just a few minutes.

Let‚Äôs start with¬†a “Welcome Message” scenario as an example, which is often used to welcome new users or customers. Here you can: define a list to which new contacts are added, send an email and set the timing of the email.





Now, you have created your first interaction with your new subscriber and can enhance their experience with a series of personalized emails.

You can completely customize any pre-made scenario to meet your needs by adding or removing actions and conditions.

Leverage behavioral data for effective your scenarios

Sendinblue Automation offers several types of data tracking to enhance your user profiles and trigger actions in your scenarios. This lets you make the most of your data, e.g. by sending an email after a contact has opened a message, or a offering a promo code to customers who have bought a product in the past 30 days.

By incorporating a simple script into your website (similar to that used for Google Analytics), you can track what your contacts are doing on your website, e.g. page visits, link clicks, personalized events, etc. You can then use this data in your customized scenarios.


Sendinblue Automation empowers you to use your customer data to create amazing customer experiences!

Build advanced (bespoke) scenarios

We understand that the¬†customer journey is different for each product or service offering. That’s why we make it possible (and easy!) to¬†build advanced scenarios that best¬†suit your needs. These ‚Äúbespoke‚ÄĚ scenarios give you access to a multitude of actions based on your available data¬†and desired communication strategy.

By combining contacts’ behavioral data, e.g. website visits, message engagement and website actions, veteran marketers and new entrepreneurs alike can optimize scenarios to increase opens, clicks and conversions!


It’s time to try it!

It’s the perfect¬†time¬†to try¬†Marketing Automation, build your first scenario, and make the most Sendinblue Automation.

Try Sendinblue Automation Free!

4 Responses to “Sendinblue Automation: Public Beta Version Now Available”

  1. Hi Erin,
    Marketing automation is great and what I see on Sendinblue, it looks really good. It is also possible to create automated newsletters? Example – a customer buys welding machine – a month I would be happy to sell welding electrodes. Or sports supplements – when the customer strengthens, I offer him protein products …
    Sorry – my English is bad ūüôā

    • Jeff Cox

      Hi Jan,

      With marketing automation it is possible to wait a certain period of time and then send an automated email. This means that if someone buys a certain product (a welding machine), you can tell the platform to wait 1 month and then send a promotion (for welding electrodes).

      You can also use automation to add customers to a certain list. If you have a monthly email that is sent to people who are interested in protein products, you can add people to the list that is receiving this email if they perform certain actions.

      Hope this helps!


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Sendinblue Automation: Public Beta Version Now Available

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