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Marketing Automation Guide: Definition, Benefits, and Examples

What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is software that enables marketers to automate repetitive tasks across different channels by predefining a set of rules or conditions that trigger specific actions (e.g. sending an email or adding a contact to a […]

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Sendinblue Launches Marketing Automation

We’re excited to announce our Marketing Automation tool is releasing in a private beta! So what exactly is the Marketing Automation tool and why is it so game-changing? As a marketer, you’ve probably identified the key actions your prospects and […]

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Was Your Email Campaign Not Delivered? Fix These 3 Common Problems!

You finished creating your newsletter and hit send. Then you notice nobody opened your message because your email campaign wasn’t delivered to your contact’s inbox! This is the nightmare of all email marketers out there, but it happens sometimes. If […]

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