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6 Steps to Building a More Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re new to email marketing, or you’re just looking for fundamental ways to make a more effective email marketing strategy — you’ve come to the right place. At Sendinblue, email is kind of our thing. And, since we love […]

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6 Psychological Hacks to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Guest Post by Niraj Ranjan Rout The key to email marketing success is similar to the psychology behind magic card tricks. When a magician asks you to choose a card out of a deck of 52 cards  – you think […]

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Using Data to Define the “Who, What, When” of your Email Marketing

Imagine if you could read your customers’ minds to give them a tailored experience that offers everything they want from your business. If you’ve been operating for any length of time, you likely know your customers’ likes and dislikes, and […]

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4 Designs for Email Inspiration (& How to Create Your Own Without the Work!)

Designing your first (or any) email marketing campaign can be a daunting task if you’re short on inspiration. Sound familiar? Never fear! From B2B and service providers to ecommerce and B2C companies, we’ve got real-world email inspiration paired with easy to recreate […]

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Email Marketing Round-Up: May’s Top Reads

Memorial Day has come and gone and kids are headed into summer break now, which means you’ve probably already eaten more grilled meat (or meat alternatives) than you can even count! While you’re in a food coma, why not sit […]

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Funny Business: When Email Marketing Humor Gets Lost In Translation

Guest Post by David Kieve  Since I am bilingual, I often catch nuances of language that others may miss. That makes finding a way with words easier and more effective. The flip side of that is that I often miss […]

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Best Email Marketing Articles We Read in April

We thrive on great content and devour insightful email marketing articles faster than the Cookie Monster in a Mrs. Fields store! April flew by in a flash and now boom: May is here. While our team has been busy serving […]

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