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[Infographic] When is the best time to send an email marketing campaign?

With all of the inbox clutter that consumers get these days, timing your marketing emails is one of the best ways to get your message across without getting lost in the noise. A couple of weeks ago, we published an […]

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Understanding Your Reporting: Email Marketing 201 [Infographic]

Oh, those words email marketing pros throw out can be confusing, but we’re here to lay out some clear definitions with this handy email marketing infographic! Read on for a clear guide to understanding key metrics from your email marketing reporting. If […]

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Know the Lingo: Email Marketing Terms 101 [Infographic]

“What’s the secret password?” Every industry has its own terms and abbreviations to master and email marketing is no exception! Thankfully, Blue’s here with an infographic to unscramble some of the standardized email marketing terms that you’ll need to know when […]

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