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6 Psychological Hacks to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Guest Post by Niraj Ranjan Rout The key to email marketing success is similar to the psychology behind magic card tricks. When a magician asks you to choose a card out of a deck of 52 cards  – you think […]

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Affiliate Marketing Tips from WordPress Blogger CodeinWP

We receive a lot of requests from happy users and marketers who want to share Sendinblue with their audiences. We love it! And we even offer an Affiliate Program to reward those who share! To help you maximize your results with our Affiliate Program, […]

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4 Designs for Email Inspiration (& How to Create Your Own Without the Work!)

Designing your first (or any) email marketing campaign can be a daunting task if you’re short on inspiration. Sound familiar? Never fear! From B2B and service providers to ecommerce and B2C companies, we’ve got real-world email inspiration paired with easy to recreate […]

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How Do You Sound in Email?

Have you ever sent someone an email only to have them completely misunderstand what you were trying to say? Sure, we all have! Now, if it was a friend or colleague, you were probably able to apologize and explain yourself […]

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