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Using Segmentation in Your Email Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

What is email list segmentation? List segmentation refers to the process of dividing an email contact list into smaller “segments” according to certain shared characteristics. This enables email marketers to create more targeted and relevant content based on the interests […]

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7 Simple Tips to Make Sure Your Email Contact List Stays Clean

After building your email contact list, the work doesn’t stop there. To maintain good engagement rates and deliverability, you have to make sure you have a clean email list at all times.  Do you have a clean email list? The […]

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6 Email Marketing Tips for Successful Non-Profits

Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels for nonprofits. But, you need to approach it with the right strategy. This article covers 6 nonprofit email marketing best practices to help you get there! Optimizing marketing operations for your […]

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5 Cool Sources for Hot Email Marketing Tips

June might already be in the rear view mirror, but what a great month it was for gathering fresh-picked email marketing tips to share with you! Whether it’s learning how to: build an email marketing list, fine tune trigger emails, increase engagement or […]

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5 Ways to Build Happy Connections with Email Subscribers

As an email marketer, your goal should be to have a real relationship with each of your subscribers to keep them happy as well. Happy subscribers turn into engaged followers and loyal customers, which is something everyone can get behind! […]

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How Do I Grow My Opt-in Email Database?

People say to us all the time, “I see so many articles about email marketing best practices so I know how to send great emails, but I don’t have anyone to send my emails to yet! How do I get […]

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